Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning Spaces

We do the whole learn-all-around-the-house schooling.  This set up is fairly new since we moved rooms around this summer.  I like it, but I'm sure it will get tweaked as we go.  

Since the boys share a room and Eli is with us, we have an extra room for the office/ guest bed.  This is where I store most of our stuff.  I will be adding some more storage soon to the hall outside so some of the things here will be relocated.
My desk
Reference books, current curriculum and misc supplies.
These 2 shelves hold the books I am using now, plus any others I think will go along with upcoming studies.
This is how it looked getting ready for the week!
 We just acquired this table for free (yay!).  The sweet grandparents are getting us 2 more chairs so all the boys will have a spot.  I like this being in the kitchen so I can have the boys working or playing while I cook.  Plus, it keeps the dining room table cleared off. 
The shoes are put away here, but they drive me a special kind of crazy because they are usually in a big pile!
Nature table and scripture memory basket.
I'm sure we'll still end up spreading out here to do some stuff.
 I keep read-alouds on this shelf.  Eli's toys are on the bottom.  This is also the t.v. cabinet.  We don't have cable, but we do have Netflix.  Sean loves documentaries and they watch other shows, too.
Yes, that is a bench turned up, blocking the doorway.  Gotta corral that baby!
 Here is where we read some and the floor is usually covered in toys.  

This is in the boys' room. Sean doesn't use the desk much for writing, but I have a feeling Luke might later on.  I love it, though, because it's from when Jeff and his brother were little.  Most of Sean's chapter books are here.  I collect them from yard sales as I find them.

And I can't forget the back porch!  This is not cleaned up at all.  When Eli is walking we will have to barricade some more.

I am certain things will change up, especially when I reorganize a bit.  I will have to do another post with organization (because I am a total nerd like that and looooove seeing others' organizing ideas!).


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  1. Just popping by from the NOT Back to School Blog Hop.

    This is the second "nature area" I've seen pictured in blogs today. I love it! Is this the newest thing hitting the homeschool blogosphere, and where I can find more about it?

    1. Thanks! Look up "nature tables" in google. There's a lot of images and information.

  2. I looove both your wooden desks! The little one in the boys' room, and your big one pictured earlier. Nice!
    Thanks for sharing your spaces.