Monday, August 6, 2012

2012-13 Curriculum

I guess this is our first "official" year of schooling.  I have mixed and matched different things to make our curriculum.  At first, I was just going to go with Sonlight.  And while I love them, we got hit pretty hard financially right about ordering time so I had to rethink.  Back at the drawing board, I did a lot of searching through the lens of Charlotte Mason.  I am very happy with what we pieced together.

Sean- 7 year old, 2nd grade
  • Egermeier Bible- continue reading through
  • Leading Little Ones to God- read at breakfast or lunch 
  • Jesus Storybook Bible- can't get enough of this one!
  • Scripture Memory- based on Charlotte Mason memory system
Recipe card holder from Wal-Mart holds verse cards and dividers.
  • Miquon Orange- continue working through
  • Miquon Red
  • Unschooling math ideas- cooking, allowance, teachable moments, etc.
  • Outdoor Secrets and Companion (Charlotte Mason-inspired)
  • The Burgess Bird Book for Children
  • Sean loves science, so we will add whatever he fancies (currently crocodiles).
Language Arts:
  • I stacked the books we didn't get to last year to make them first priority.
  • I also printed book lists from Sonlight, My Father's World, Charlotte Mason and FIAR to check out from the library.
  • Story of the World and Activity Guide
    • I also got a couple new children's encyclopedias and can make use of several reference books we already have.
  • I got handwriting Without Tears last year and planned to use it now, but I think Sean's writing is getting so much better, I may not.  The L.A. work and other activities like letter and list writing may be practice enough.
I store books we are currently using in these bins and adjust them weekly.
I also plan to work on habits and handiwork skills.  He will go to a homeschool PE class once a week.  Our homeschool group does not have the co-op list up yet but he will likely do several things there (International Night, Science Fair, Art Fair) and maybe a weekly class.  And piano lessons are in the works.
My planning pages.
After this humongous list, dare I say I consider us relaxed homeschoolers??  Well, I do, because even though the list is long, some of the subjects will only be done once a week and/or chapters will be drawn out even longer.  I plan to basically spend mornings (Monday-Thursday) on book work and projects.  The rest of the day will be playing, extra reading and whatever else comes up.  Fridays will be open for play dates, field trips, outing and whatever else does (or doesn't) come up.

Super cool Desk Apprentice holds so much!
Luke- 3 (almost 4) year old
  • I have Before Five in a Row so I will use it, plus the concept of it, with books we have and from the library.
  • He will mostly tag along with Sean and I will adapt whatever lesson for him.
Eli- 1 year old
  • Eating of board books
  • Dumping of toy baskets
  • General toddler mayhem
  • But seriously, I guess I am going to set aside special toys for "sit down" learning time and make best use of nap time.
Here's an idea of how the week will (maybe, possibly...) look:
Daily:                            M,W:                      T,R:                      F:
Bible                              History                    Science              Co-op 
Math                              Piano                      P.E.                     Field trip 
L.A.                                                                                           Play date
Spanish                                                                                    Whatever
Nature Walk

Handicrafts and habits I will just add into the days where they best fit.
More than just intellectual pursuits, I desire for my kids to grow in the knowledge of God and that a heart for his people and the gospel would spring up.  It's all vanity if my boys get a lot of "smarts," but do not see and learn of Christ through me and Jeff.

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.” 2 Peter 3:18

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  1. Thanks for your ideas. I love that organizer caddy thing! Also, we have used the scripture memory system as well. We use it for other memory work too. It works great for long passages of poetry or whatever! Thanks!
    jaime @

    1. I never thought about using the memory system for other things... thanks! The caddy is a Desk Apprentice from Staples. It's much cheaper in the store vs. online.

  2. I love your goals for your 1 year old! Too funny! Thanks for the ideas. I love the caddy thing! We also use the scripture memory box system. We found that it works great for anything you want to memorize; poetry, history facts, etc.. Hope you have a great year!