Sunday, February 12, 2012

Striped Eli

*Edited to link up to Mom Tried It just for the fun of it! (If anyone offers critique, please be nice!  I have no idea about apperatures, shutter speeds, etc.  Just have this ol' pocket digital camera!)

Here is one of those serendipitous photos I love to get (stripes on stripes!).  Eli was on the floor so I actually got my camera (gasp!) and snapped about a dozen shots.  Here is my favorite.  I put it in B&W, too.

 So, now is a great time to post a little update on above-pictured sweetie. 
  • He is almost 6 months old.  His pastimes include rolling all over the floor, eating all manner of toys and clothing and feet- but only his (except for that one time...), heavy breathing which fortes into squeals, opening his mouth so wide when he is excited and general adorableness.  
  • He is eating rice cereal, bananas, avocados and butternut squash.  He is finally on a gentle formula instead of Nutramigen.  He is not the funnest to feed the bottle, but it can be entertaining.  He likes to swat it out of the way when he doesn't want it.  Seriously, he has some Karate Kid moves.  He gets definite points for coordination.  
  • He loves his big brothers.  They are (mostly) the best helpers.  Sean acts silly and thinks the louder he is, the more helpful.  Sometimes this is effective.  Sometimes.  Luke likes to get in his face and sing "EEEElliiiiiiii!"  
  • He has an appointment this month to get his flat head evaluated.  It is looking better since he is more mobile and sleeping on his side. 
  • Speaking of sleeping, he could be better, could be worse.  He wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat.  Jeff and I tag-team it, though, so it is bearable.
  • Changing his diaper is, well...,  more like a sporting event.  Let's just say he is a squirmer.  Add that to the aforementioned foot eating fetish and I may or may not be out of breath by the time I get a clean diaper on.  Plus, I use cloth diapers about 25% of the time.  He likes to attack my left arm while I am whipping diapers on and off and adjusting things just so.  But I have news for you, Mr. Eli.  This is not my first rodeo.  I know how to ever so gently pin you down with one arm while using the free hand to assist.  I'm pretty sure it's a classic mom-move.
  • Although he is happy and generally given to good humor, lately he has been a lap baby.  There.  I said it.  I have a lap baby.  But that's okay because he is the cuddliest thing.  Well, if he's not whipping his head back and forth trying to see everything going on (while I desperately try to dodge getting whacked in the face by that cute, albeit misshapen head). 
I hope it is evident, to you, my sweet boy, that I am quite smitten with you.  I love to kiss you and breath in your baby-ness.  I am honored to be your mommy and thank God every day for the privilege.


    1. Okay, I cannot believe he is 6 months old!!! Didn't you just find out you were pregnant?!

      I like the color version the best. Neat idea getting the shadow shot.

      By the way, love that you have a lap baby. Little Lady was my clingy monkey baby. She would even use her tiny toes to grasp onto me at every moment.

    2. I love the stripes-on-stripes effect. Nicely done, and way to notice a great photo opportunity when you see one (half the battle, really).

      I'm not sure how much advice I have with a point and shoot, but if you have photoshop or lightroom, there are couple of suggestions I would make. The dark background in the upper half of the photograph is almost black, but those details that do creep through are distracting. If you can adjust that background to be completely black, it will draw your eye to baby and stripes exclusively. I would also try to eliminate or reduce the dark stripes of shadow on Eli's face. If you need suggestions for how to do either of these things, I can help.

      I love the list of his pastimes!

    3. This shot is adorable! I love it. I love it in both color and b/w. At first I felt like the shadow was detracting from his sweet face, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. Well done ;)

    4. Such a cutie pie! I like the color version best. Lots of nice details with the various stripes and his toy.

    5. I'm amazed that you can take baby shots with two other little ones around! I love that you chose the really low angle. It really helped to clean up the background. As DEW pointed out, it would be even better to make that background completely black. In Picasa (FREE) you can adjust shadows to make that work. Nice that you included the toy as well. It is amazing how those things are quickly forgotten.