Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching up

I have not taken many pictures lately.  I am doing good to get some lessons in!  Here are a few action shots, though.

Sean playing with trains, Zoobs and LEGO Heroes.  The 1 toy out at a time rule just does not work for us!

Some random sweetness.

Reading The Story of Dr. Dolittle, we studied different animals. 

Learned about snowflakes.

Spelling workbook- look at that pencil go!

Reading (Luke in the background with his books, too!).
If you look right above the corner of the couch, you can see the bust of Beethoven peeking over.  Creepers!
Sean is doing better and better with his reading.  He has a hard time with writing a lot at a time, so I just adjust his lessons.  He loved The Story of Dr. Dolittle and Dolphin Adventure.
I am ordering some math workbooks and handwriting curriculum soon.

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