Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organized Back Door

The door we come in and out of most is in the kitchen, leading to the back patio.  Keeping shoes, coats, bags, etc. organized in this area has long been my nemesis.  We have tried hooks on the wall, portable clothing rack, bookshelves.... it all looked good for about 5 minutes.  Then we would come home from somewhere and only piles would develop.  So began my quest for something that would serve us well and not be expensive.  On one of my tours d' internet I stumbled across a blog called I Heart Organizing. Well, the title alone made my heart go pitter-pat.  But contained within the blog are countless posts on organizing.  Her boys' closet caught my eye and thus, my inspiration to fix up our back entryway.

see her post here

I could kick myself for not taking better "before" shots.  But I am not much in the habit of going paparazzi on our problem spaces unless I know for sure we are fixing it.  Just shows how quickly this back door area came together.
In progress

The culprit wall with a remnant coat rack on the wall.  See the pile of shoes?  That's a  glimpse.
We got some organizers from Lowe's and my sweet husband put them together right away.  They were $12.99 each and we got a total of 4. Plus, the rod and brackets which came to about $12, as well.  So for just over $50 (and we had a store credit so it was less!) this is what we got:

A place to hang coats on hangers, a rack for the boys' coats (within their reach). a shoe shelf for each of us and cubbies galore!
Shoe shelves with bench close by.  We put a carpet scrap underneath.

Cubbies for the various bags we seem to use and  baskets for hats & gloves.

Even Budreaux can appreciate order.  :-)
Now, if I can just train the natives to put their coats and shoes away every time!

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  1. Love to see the transformation. :)
    Over from Kellys.