Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Luke's 3rd Birthday

We were in Columbus for my sister's wedding (yay!) which happened to be the day before Luke's birthday.  We stayed an extra day to have a small family celebration at the good ol' El Carrizo.  I'm just happy my kids think getting cheese dip is a splurge.

Birthday Boy- too cool for this party

3 brothers and a cake (and a Papa)

Jeff and his mini-me

I see you!

Sneaking daddy's sweet tea

Aunt Nanni- not sure what the boys are staring at!

Sean and Sam

All the grandparents went in to get Luke this kitchen.  It has still not arrived, so the big reveal will be coming soon!
You continue to be a passionate little guy.  I knew it from the day you were born and it is so fascinating to see it play out as you grow.  You have a mischievous sense of humor and love to be cuddled.  You copy everything your Bubba does and like to be his little shadow.  You chop everything (people included) and are happy to destroy anything built from Lego, blocks or... well anything.  You still eat books, but are actually beginning to "read" them.  You like dinosaurs, cars and trains.  You enjoy listening to daddy's music any time we travel... especially songs with piano and drums.  Every time I lay you down you want me to sing "You are my Sunshine" or "O God, You are my God."  You are our little Stinka and we love you so much!

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