Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nature Boys

We take a walk almost every day down to the mailbox and beyond.  Here it is in pictures.

On our way down from the driveway.

View of our house from the road.

Finally big enough to open the mailbox by himself!

Yes... pajamas and boots.

Looking down the road as these 2 race along the grass.

Always have to stop at the mud spot.  

My stylish children and  their boots...

Checking out water in the ditch.  They like to look for algae (or as Luke says, "allergy.").

Pulling over to go up the "secret way."

Posing for mommy.

Well, hello there, Sunshine!

On the way up the "secret way."  This is really just a path cut through the field by a mower.

There they go!

On the way back.  It really can't be described as a walk.  More like a stop-and-go.  This little guy likes to  pick flowers along the way.

Sean keeping Eli company while Luke is getting his flowers.

This is the preferred method of getting the big wheel back up the hill.
More flowers...

Back to our driveway.

LOVE all the blooming flowers, especially along this stump.

And... more flowers.

We made it!  Budreaux resting in the shade.

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