Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rainy day

I don't do the best job of taking pictures as we go throughout the day (and an even worse job at actually getting them posted!).  On this day, sometime in the not-too-distant past, it was kind of yucky and rainy.  I am trying to let them get out in all kinds of weather to explore.  So, once the rain slowed they went on the back porch and puttered around.

 Of course, it didn't take long to discover the stroller box.  Followed by a request to cut out a door.  We love boxes around here.  And just in time for it to start misting again!
*Only the camera person got wet in the taking of this picture.

Then back inside to play while I made lunch.  Measuring cups, various utensils and water make for good play/distraction while I cook.

It is serious business pouring water.
Sometime later I found Sean in his bed reading.  I climbed up on the ladder to get this shot.

I do enjoy a lazy day now and then.

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