Monday, September 19, 2011

Our first day back to school

Today I decided to just jump right back into some more intentional schooling.  I have a particular rhythm in mind for each day that goes something like this:

Breakfast pretty soon after waking. 
 We lit a candle for each of the boys so they could enjoy it and then blow them out when breakfast was finished (the best part, right?).

We did morning chores.  No pics of this because I was holding Eli.  They just cleared their dishes, made beds, got dressed and brushed teeth.  I am going to make some chore cards soon.  It will be part of an art project for Sean.

Next, we had circle time.  We worked on calendar recognition, read the Bible story and listened to the verse of the week song. I might beef it up later, but for now simple is nice.

Play time with blocks, cars and magnets.  Sean made a "tornado" out of the magnets that ate the blocks.  Luke pretty much just tried to destroy everything.

Because Luke was having a few melt-downs I put him in bed at 11:00.  I flip-flopped our Sonlight story time and reading/writing.  We started Explode the Code and Sean did the pre-test (very well, I might add!).

Then you-know-who came out ready to "be done fussing." 

Sean read a story from his reader.

Then he practiced writing some of the key words from the story (on a sweet, new wipey board).

Luke practiced writing and chewing the eraser off the pencil.  He sat in my lap the other half of the time... no pics available of that cuteness.

They went outside to play on the patio while I made lunch.  They ate while I fed Eli.  How does he always wake up right when I get the food on the table...?

Luke goes down for a nap (again).  Sean plays while I work on laundry and other miscellany. 

We sat on the couch and did our Sonlight reading.  A little about Roman dress and homes.  Some poems... and that was it.  Not too much on the schedule today.

I had to take Eli to the doctor so Jeff came home early from work.  He took the boys outside and they played with ice that we had frozen in various containers last night.  When I got home with Eli they were still playing outside... beautiful weather right now!

We ate a quick dinner (Jeff made eggs and toast).  They went back out and played right up until bath time.  Then we cleaned up toys in the living room.  I may or may not have snuck in a mommy chore.  Ahhh... the days where vacuuming is fun for them.

Then, off to bed for my busy boys. 

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