Friday, June 10, 2011

Glimpse of schooling

I am desperately trying to get some schooling in this summer before Eli comes.  Apparently the summer is not the easiest time to start for us!  Oh, well... doing the best we can.  I'd  rather it be enjoyable for us all, rather than stress getting a checklist done.

Here we read a little about the Egyptians.  Sean made sugar cube pyramids.  Luke just stacked his.  Suprisingly, no cubes were ingested durig the crafting of this project.

After reading a poem about a brother, we made a family tree.  I went through a box of random photos and got shots of all the family I could.  I held up each picure and asked Sean whose side of the family it goes on- mommy's or daddy's.  It was interesting to see him try to figure it out and ask questions.

We picked up our produce from the CSA after lunch. Sean helped me go through the cherries and pick out the bad ones.  I'm thinking of making some homemade pop tarts with cherry filling... we'll see!

And this is what transpires after I tell him to get his pencil box so we can do our reading/writing.  I just sat and watched for a while as he made his little boy sound effects with the erasers and had imaginary battles.  It was too cute.  We did not get to the reading/writing portion of the day.  I'm okay with that.

I am still so excited about doing this with the boys and getting these glimspes into their day that I might otherwise miss.

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  1. what a wonderful first day of school!
    you are so descriptive, i can close my eyes and see them!