Friday, May 13, 2011

Starting some school

In preparation for Eli, who is scheduled to be here around August, I am kind of, sorta starting Sean's official first year of school.  We went ahead (after much deliberation, brain-hurting deliberation) and ordered the Kindergarten core from Sonlight.  In a nutshell, it just seemed the easiest way to go and still get some good reading.  With a new baby in tow I am all about making it realistic.  I can add as much as I want to the daily reading... or not.  With that I am working on some ways to add in living math.  And we are still doing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons... I am so ready to be done with that! 
Anyway, after that fine intro to Sonlight I have no pictures of us doing it.  Yet.  We did manage to shoot some science- my boys love experiments.

I think these were called Goo Worms.

Then some crane building. Looks like Luke is reading the instructions.  Sean is making his own creation.

And we have been able to get outside to play just about every day.  In this rapidly warming weather. 
**insert reminder that I'm 26 weeks pregnant** 
Every day. 
Daddy doesn't realize yet, but he is about to take over this particular adventure.
We take a walk to check mail and explore the new bushes (honey suckle and blackberry right now).  They look at puddles in a hands-on kind of way (much to my delight).  And there is always the sand box.

I do love having these crazy boys.

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