Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu planning... Part 3

Master grocery & pantry lists:
After I made lists of meals, I went by the recipes for each and made up a grocery and pantry list.  I am hoping this will help me to streamline shopping and get most of it done in one big trip.  If not, at least I will have the list to go by to get the rest of the ingredients.

Grocery List

Whole chicken- 2
Chicken breast- bag                                                                Black beans
Ground turkey- 2 pkg. or 1 sausage                                        Navy beans
Ham- sliced 2 lb.
Fish                                                                                        Red beans
Pepperoni                                                                              Garbanzo beans
Hot dogs


Dairy:                                                                                       Carbs:
Milk- whole, skim, soy                                                             Rice
Eggs                                                                                          Quinoa
Cheese blocks- cheddar, mozzarella                                         Elbow pasta
Cottage cheese                                                                          Lasagna noodles
Cream cheese

Crushed tomatoes *- 26 oz. x 4
Miso                                                                                         picante sauce
Jello                                                                                         dark choc. chips
WW fig bars                                                                             raisins, craisins

Veggies/ fruit:
Spinach- 1lb. x 2                                                                      Bananas
Romaine lettuce                                                                       Apples
Celery                                                                                      Melon
Potatoes- sweet, white
Garlic                                                                                      Cucumbers
Onions                                                                                     Peas
Olives                                                                                      Green beans
Tomatoes                                                                                 Kale
Squash/Zucchini                                                                      Avocado
Check Seasonal                                                                       Broccoli 

Pantry Checklist

Bulk:                                                                   Spices:
WW bread flour                                                 Sea salt
WW pastry flour                                                 Pepper
Unbleached white flour                                      Garlic powder
Flax seeds                                                          Thyme
Flax seed meal                                                   Onion powder
Wheat germ                                                        Chili Pepper
Chia seeds                                                          Cumin
Sesame seeds                                                     Oregano
Pumpkin seeds                                                    Basil
Demarrara Sugar                                                Paprika
Whole oats                                                         Ginger
Black beans
Red beans
Navy beans
Garbanzo beans

Vinegar                                                            Mustard
Coconut oil                                                     Ketchup
EVOO                                                             Baking soda
Tahini*                                                           Baking powder
Apple sauce
Peanut Butter*
Maple syrup

Tea- rooibos

Cleaning:                                                      Hygiene:
Vinegar                                                         Shampoo/ Conditioner
Club Soda                                                     Toothpaste
Oxygen Bleach                                              Deodorant
Hydrogen Peroxide                                       Floss
Baking Powder                                             Diapers
*bought or home made

I print a copy of each of these lists each month, along with the meal list.  I can easily check my kitchen stock to see what I need.  I cross off items I do not need.  This is such a help in remembering everything!  This list changes just a little each time as I get the details figured out. 

Part 4 will be the Monthly Menu Plan notebook.

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